BioWare Gives An Update On Next Dragon Age And Mass Effect Games


BioWare Gives An Update On Next Dragon Age And Mass Effect Games

"AAA next-gen games take a long time to make–and we know our fans may want them sooner."

The Next Dragon Age – Official BioWare BTS Trailer

With the next Dragon Age game in the works at BioWare, take a look behind the scenes at the studio.

Go behind-the-scenes at BioWare and meet some of the passionate developers creating the next Dragon Age. Get a glimpse at new environments and characters as the team discusses how they are approaching the development of this epic fantasy RPG. Be the first to see new content, updates, and more by signing up now:

BioWare Is In BIG TROUBLE – Studio Head & Dragon Age 4 Director QUIT Abruptly

BioWare recently revealed they’re working on the next chapter of Dragon Age, Mass Effect, as well as the Mass Effect Legendary Edition. However, it’s strange after this roadmap is laid out that the head of the studio, Casey Hudson, has decided to call it quits. Even more strange is that at the exact same time, Dragon Age 4 director has thrown in the towel and moved on to new endeavors. What exactly is happening at BioWare? We investigate.
Latest Cyberpunk 2077 News:


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EA & BioWare Make DLC FREE for Mass Effect and Dragon Age – Yep, no catch. It’s free.

EA and BioWare giving FREE DLC seems like as stretch of the imagination, but it’s true. Mass Effect and Dragon Age DLC are now completely free on the Origin Store. Of course, this doesn’t include Mass Effect Andromeda or Dragon Age Inquisition but it’s still a great thing for those who didn’t purchase the Mass Effect Legendary Edition.


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Dragon Age: Dreadwolf News: DA:O Remaster? LGBTQIA+ Dev Stories, Team Hirings/Departures (Aug, 2022)

In the past two months, we’ve had more Developer Stories from the Dragon Age team. There have been a few new hirings and departures. Some production updates and teases. An inkling on a Dragon Age: Origins remastered project. A statement on BIPOC representation in DAD and a lot more that I’m going to explore in this video.

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