Monster Hunter World: Iceborne 13.5 Update Out Now On PS4, Xbox One, And PC


Monster Hunter World: Iceborne 13.5 Update Out Now On PS4, Xbox One, And PC

The latest update for Monster Hunter World’s Iceborne expansion introduces two fearsome new monster variants: Master rank Kulve Taroth and Arch-Tempered Namielle. Want to dominate the virtual world? 2 is your chance! Play now at

Monster Hunter: World – Lunastra Free Update

Lunastra, the Empress of Flame has come to reclaim her throne amongst the Elder Dragons. Download the latest Free Title Update for Monster Hunter: World in just under 12 hours.


Is Monster Hunter World Worth Playing in 2022 – Nostalgia or Masterpiece! (Fun/Disccusion/Iceborne)

Can you believe Monster Hunter World is over 4 years old now? Enjoy!
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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak gameplay is almost upon us but today we pose the question is Monster Hunter World Iceborne gameplay worth it in 2022, is it still the best monster hunter game with the best new monster hunter monsters? Lets do this thing!

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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – Why Do You Hunt? | PS4

Every hunter’s got their own journey… How about you? Why do you hunt?

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is available now on PlayStation 4, featuring tons of monsters to hunt, gear to craft, weapons to master and cuteness beyond limits!

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – Alatreon Trailer

Alatreon approaches!! Confront the Blazing Black Dragon in #Iceborne this May ��❄️⚡️��