New Overwatch Hero Baptiste Out Now, Numerous Characters Changed In Patch


New Overwatch Hero Baptiste Out Now, Numerous Characters Changed In Patch

Hero 30, aka Baptiste, is now available for everyone on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and many of the game’s other characters have seen notable balance tweaks.

Overwatch 2 BANNED Heroes!..Hero LOCKED Bug!

Overwatch 2 is removing both Bastion and Torbjorn from competitive play due to MASSIVE ability bugs! Blizzard suffer another DDoS attack and players till have LOCKED HEROES!!! Overwatch 2 news update with Stylosa!

0:00 Bastion BROKEN Ultimate!
0:23 BANNED HEROES! (Bastion and Torbjorn)
2:39 More DDoS Attacks on Blizzard
3:12 Missing Heroes and Items
4:47 Overwatch 2 TOP 3 on XBOX
6:42 Overwatch 2 Long Term
7:37 Competitive Rank Problems?


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The ULTIMATE Overwatch 2 Beginners Guide | Baptiste Guide (Overwatch 2 Tips)


We will be covering all the Overwatch 2 Characters throughout this series! In todays video, we will be going over the most broken and overpowered Healer in Overwatch 2, Baptiste. There are a lot of other great healers But Mercy is not only the easiest to learn, but the most impactful Overwatch hero in Overwatch 2. Playing Support is a rough job but someone has to do it and I will teach you day by day, how to perfect your Overwatch 2 Healing Skills! We will be breaking down one of my worst overwatch 2 gameplays and going over my mistakes as well as the things im doing correctly. Follow for more overwatch 2 news, overwatch 2 tips, and overwatch 2 updates.

Baptiste – Overwatch 2 A New Guide To Every Hero

Baptiste – Overwatch 2 A New Guide To Every Hero.

Today we cover our first Support in the guide series! Baptiste is a fantastic support hero. He has extreme mobility and great support ability’s to cover the team. So lets dive in talk about him. Thanks for watching and don’t forget to like and subscribe!

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All HERO CHANGES in Overwatch 2!

Overwatch 2 will buff, nerf, and even rework a bunch of heroes going into Overwatch 2! Because I got early access to Ocerwatch 2, I was able to compare Overwatch 1 vs Overwatch 2 heroes!

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0:00 Intro
0:34 Tank Passive Changes
1:21 Doomfist
1:48 Orisa
2:24 Reinhardt
2:57 Roadhog
3:26 Sigma
3:46 Winston
4:18 Wrecking Ball
4:49 Zarya
5:28 DPS Passive Changes
5:48 Ashe
6:17 Bastion
6:55 Cassidy
7:17 Echo
7:55 Genji
8:27 Hanzo
8:56 Junkrat
9:22 Mei
10:01 Pharah
10:46 Reaper
11:09 Soldier
11:40 Sombra
12:17 Symmetra
13:22 Torbjorn
14:05 Tracer
14:29 Widowmaker
15:08 Ana
15:36 Support Passive Changes
15:45 Baptiste
16:22 Brigitte
16:57 Lucio
17:46 Mercy
18:28 Moira
19:10 Zenyatta
20:12 Sojourn
20:18 Junker Queen

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