Steam Implements Gyro-Based "Flick Stick" Controls


Steam Implements Gyro-Based "Flick Stick" Controls

Steam has added a beta version of an unusual control scheme to its client, which allows players to use the gyroscope in a controller to aim up and down.

Steam Input Experimental Test: Gyro Activation Timer

(I forgot to record Audio)

Ever since Steam added Flick Stick function, I’ve seeing some people question on how to reset Gyro Camera, but there isn’t a way to do so natively on Steam Input (or in-game) unlike Splatoon or Gravity Rush’s Camera Reset Button (which temporarily pause Gyro Sensor before Camera Resets).

My older solutions during the making of my first Gyro Controls video was to just Press and Hold the Right Stick Button, but it limits the use of Melee button, so I had to move it somewhere else.Eeventually, I settled with Double Click for Melee but Holding the Same Button for Gyro Pause.

Recently, after tinkering with Steam Link Touch Controls for a bit (while looking at developer’s). I had a dumb idea: What if Melee & Pause Gyro share the same button, using Action Layer?

So, I did that and made a quick and dirty video demonstration as a test, using Halo Reach as a test.

Manual Gyro Pause 1 = Delayed Gyro Activation
Manual Gyro Pause 2 = Button Click + Hold Button to Pause Gyro
Manual Gyro Pause 3 = Delayed Gyro Activation + Button Click

you can increase or decreased the delay if you like, and if you don’t need a Melee Button (or move it somewhere else), then you don’t need to use the [Long Press] Button for Gyro Reset Button in this case.

Perfect Aim on Steam Deck I How-to Tutorial I Steam Input + Gyro aim

People have been asking me how I setup my Steam Deck for FPS games while also using the built-in gyro.

This video goes into detail how to set up the gyro and RS for every FPS that runs on the Steam Deck, or even Steam on PC.

See my Doom 2 Gyro gameplay on Steam Deck in action:

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This is Quake Live with a controller (Flick Stick)

I am using a DualSense controller on Quake Live, a game meant for keyboard and mouse. However you can see that the gameplay looked like I was using a keyboard and mouse, that’s thanks to steams controller configuration and Jibb Smart’s idea of flick stick, which was implemented into steam. Flick Stick basically allows you to use your right stick to flick horizontally, while you aim and move your camera around with Gyro. It greatly enhances the controller experience, and if you happen to have a PS4, PS5, Switch Pro, 8BitDo Controllers, or even Joycons, I would definitely recommend trying this out by downloading steam and configuring your controller to emulate Keyboard and Mouse Functions. If you don’t have a great PC, I would recommend trying it on Quake Live, which is 10 bucks off sale, and around 3 bucks when on sale. Other cheap/free, easy to run games are Quake III Arena Demo and full game, Ultrakill Demo and full game, Half-Life, Half-Life 2, Blockposts, and Quake. Boomerang X Endless Wave Demo and full game also have flick stick implemented into the actual game which is cool, but I’m not sure if it’ll run good on Super lower end systems, but should be good on decently lower end systems. If you want to learn more on flick stick, I would recommend checking out Jibb Smart’s Youtube Channel.

Introducing Flick Stick in DOOM

A quick intro to flick stick using JoyShockMapper to add good gyro controls and flick stick to DOOM (2016) on Windows.

I’m Jibb Smart, a programmer trying to make games play better. That’s much easier than you might expect!

Developers, learn how it works and how to add flick stick to a game you’re making here:

Or, for players, learn how to add controls like these to just about any PC game using JoyShockMapper:

Check out my DOOM config here: