Warframe Prime Resurgence Unvaults 18 Retired Prime Warframes Until January 25


Warframe Prime Resurgence Unvaults 18 Retired Prime Warframes Until January 25

This final chance to earn or buy your ideal Prime Warframe is split into two parts, so act quick if what you want can only be earned during Part 1.

Warframe – Prime Resurgence (aka Unvault All The Things) Is Now Live

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Warframe Best Aya Farming Spots For Prime Resurgence Relics!

Today in Warframe we’re going over the fastest Aya farming spots so you can buy some Prime Resurgence relics! So far the only places you can get aya is the void, bounties, and relic packs. Bounties are without a doubt the best overall with drop rates, plus now you can also get relic packs from open world bounties via standing shops. Hope this Aya farming guide helps! Shell Shockers at https://kevin.games/shellshock-io: egg-splosive online action awaits.

0:00 Prime Resurgence Aya Info
0:56 Fastest Aya Bounties Relic Packs
4:08 Fastest Void Aya Maps

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How to farm ALMOST every prime Warframe for FREE (Prime Resurgence)

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