The Beauty Of WoW Classic Is Rooted In More Than Nostalgia


The Beauty Of WoW Classic Is Rooted In More Than Nostalgia

People are queuing up in droves just to get a taste of World of Warcraft Classic. But its draw is more than nostalgia: It’s a longing for more meaningful human interaction.

I’m Nostalgic About Classic WoW Nostalgia

I’m Nostalgic About Classic WoW Nostalgia
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The Classic WoW Launch Experience

God, I’ve experienced so much fun and … so much .. Pain, in Classic over the last couple of weeks. And I love every bit of it. I already have so many memorable moments it’s nuts. And to be honest with you, I think the Launch was actually pretty stable, there was a decent amount of lag and crashing in the beginning but I honestly had a way worse experience at the launch of BfA.
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Why Nostalgia Is Misunderstood (Feat. WoW Classic and OS Runescape)

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Have you wondered why nostalgia exists? All of us have experienced nostalgia – about home, friends, and for some, Vanilla World of Warcraft. With WoW Classic around the corner, I did some research to understand the psychological purpose of nostalgia and applied it to the fervent and protracted “you think you do, but you don’t” debate.

Nostalgia and Classic WoW, Old School Runescape, or other MMO games in our past are more intertwined than one would assume. Per psychological literature, nostalgia is the strongest during our formative years – which happens to be the days many of us had the freedom to play World of Warcraft or Runescape. Nostalgia is also rooted in social memories, for which MMOs were the perfect social playground.

The research behind nostalgia goes much deeper, with a significant amount of studies concluding that its psychological uses range from supplying us with self-esteem to wrangling with existentialism. I doubt anyone would’ve wanted a lecture on this – it’s not in the video but most of the research I used are linked below.

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Runescape Documentary:
WoW Looking For Group Documentary:

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